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York Uni & York St Johns Background

Any student looking to study in York should consider both York Uni and York St Johns. The University of York  and University of York St. John   are both very well respected and popular sites of further education.

Since York University was founded in 1963, “York Uni” (as it is known to most students) has consistently held top ten ranking for universities in the UK and is in the enviable position of being one of just six post-war universities to feature in the rankings of World Top 100. Despite this relatively short establishment period, York Uni has become a much loved and much respected home to many British and International students.

The Times Higher Education Awards 2010 named The University of York as their University of the Year with praise given for academic excellence, social intergration and an excellent record for scientific discovery.

York University has in recent years added a law & medical school, and continues to invest heavily in both expanding and improving their already excellent facilities.

York Uni & York St Johns Location

York University is located around 2 – 3 miles from the city centre and has a very pleasant campus with a good deal of green landscape, lakes and an impressive collections of wildlife. This campus is being constantly updated and expanded, and the new £750 million project at Heslington East is looking to deliver state of the art facilities.

The University of York St. John (“York St Johns“) is based very close to York City centre – only a few minutes walk to York Minster. This excellent university has a diverse range of courses, and is well known for the specialist courses it offers in areas such as teaching, sport, theatre, film and drama.

The York St Johns has a reputation of being a fun and vibrant place of education, and it has benefited from large amounts of investment and improvement in recent years. Again there are large numbers of students from all around the world who would testify to the very positive experiences they had at this university.

York Uni & York St Johns Summary

Whatever your study requirements are in York, then you should take a look at what this vibrant and student friendly city has to offer. And as a great number of former students will testify – you will have a great time at either York Uni or York St Johns.

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    I am glad you have taken the time to write about this univeristy. You would be stunned what number of folks give wrong information, and I am looking to study in england at some point soon.

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