The Best York Tourist Attractions

York Tourist Attractions - Castle Howard At Sunset

York Tourist Attractions - Castle Howard In The Snow

The Best York Tourist Attractions

There are many excellent York Tourist Attractions to keep you and your family entertained.  Although (as discussed elsewhere on this site) there are many additional free York attractions, there are many more that are available at a small charge. The best of these must see York Tourist Attractions have been enjoyed by huge numbers of adults and children, and all come highly recommended by yorkvisitors.com:

Must See York Tourist Attractions

A short drive from York is the magnificent Castle Howard – current home of the aristocratic Howard family. Castle Howard is considered Yorkshire’s best historic house & estate, where visitors are very welcome. There are a wealth of activities to do here, including a substantial adventure playground, peacocks, lakes and picturesque grounds. Free to Historic Houses members.

The Jovick Viking Centre is an enormously popular museum in York city centre that has had over 16 million visitors to date! You can travel to a hugely realistic reconstruction of ancient Jorvik (using specially built time capsules). See inside our ancestors houses and enjoy the smells (some good, some bad…) of the Vikings. This museum is built on the exact site of one of the most amazing recent discoveries of modern archaeology, and is one of the most popular York Tourist Attractions.

The Jorvik Dig is another archaeological adventure with a real hands on feel. See & handle ancient objects and then try exploring on your own. This museum is run by the same team of archaeologists who discovered the Viking site that became the Jorvik Viking Centre.

York Minster is, quite simply, one of the greatest cathedrals in the world. A vast and beautiful building that was created between the 1220’s and the 1470s on an ancient site (a wooden church was originally built in 627 AD where the Minster now stands). Millions of visitors have enjoyed the marvellous architecture and special features such as  the East Window – the largest individual expanse of medieval stained glass in the world. Of all the amazing York tourist attractions on offer, the ancient York Minster remains the most beautiful.

Close to York Minster is the Treasurers House, which has a history going back over 2,000 years. There is a Roman road in the cellar of this house, and an impressive  collection of ceramics, antique furniture, textiles and paintings. There are also many previous sightings of ghosts at this haunted house! Free to National Trust members.

Cliffords Tower is an ancient and unique building that offers amazing views of the city. The tower was built sometime between 1245 and 1272, and the history of this building is both colourful and bloody. Based in the city centre this important structure is not only a sombre reminder of the past, but is also one of the most interesting York tourist attractions for children.

If you want to have some scary fun then the The York Dungeon should be on your to-do list. See Ghosts, Vikings, Guy Fawkes and Witches being burned alive with real actors adding to the realism. Warning – this attraction is probably not suitable for children under 10 or those of a nervous disposition!

York Racecourse is one of Englands premier racecources, and is an extremely popular attraction for the racing season (May – October). Horse racing has been on the current York Knavemire site since 1730. Look out for one of the regular musical and entertainment events that make this a special day out. With race events sometimes getting over 30,000 visitors a day this one of the most popular York tourist attractions available.

We hope that you have found this guide to the best York Tourist Attractions useful.

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    Hi Alyson – the Viking centre is opening beginning of April 2017. It should be good!

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